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Sizzling Reads is your newest destination for all things love, lust, and everything in between. Founded by two best friends with a shared passion for captivating romance and sizzling tales, they’re here to spice up your reading routine!

With a shared love of Disney, Harry Potter, candy and above all BOOKS, these two are ecstatic about bringing you an amazing book box each month. Their idea for this monthly box was developed over their regular visits out for chips and salsa.

Jen has always been a lover of books whose tastes range from heartwarming romantic comedies, murder mysteries, spicy dark romances and recently the realms of fantasy. Her dream is to one day curate a library that would make Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” envious, but with her own twist – nestled somewhere serene on or near a beach. What could be a better backdrop to read than crashing waves and sun and sand.

Anna’s love of reading started in grammar school and she’s been reading ever since. Her dream is to one day own a house where she has a full room as a library. Until then she’s going to keep accumulating her hard copy books and finding places to store them while also reading digital ones on her ipad. From sweet to spicy to autobiographies and more, there’s not many genre’s that she won’t pick up.

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